Severe Storms & Your Roof...

Aqua Roofing

All types of weather can greatly impact your roof, but the early spring weather that has been taking place in the Texarkana area lately has been building up to a much worse year than most.

Tips to extend the life of you roof. 

  • Remove all debris from the roof.       eg. Leaves, Pine Straw, Sticks, Moss
  • Remove all debris from gutters & downspouts.

Hail Damage

With the recent high winds and storms, you very well may have seen some hail. Depending on the size and duration of the hail storm, damage is likely to have occurred. A tell-tale sign is evidence of granule loss buildup at the downspout exits. 

Wind Damage

Most roofs are able to resist average wind storms, but few can withstand a tornado. Along the perimeter of your roof, high pressure winds will have a much greater effect than on other regions of your roof. The shingles, or almost any other type of roof, can be pulled up by the strong winds and shingles and other materials can be ripped right off the structure.

Repairing or Replacing

In many cases with tornadoes the roofs are still very much attached. However, there may be many missing shingles or tiles and cuts and holes from loose debris. Often times, repairs are suitable from wind damage. Now, with hail damage, it's completely different as most roofs are completely totaled from a hail storm, in which a full roof replacement is necessary.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can meet with the insurance adjuster, and the sooner the task can be underway. It all depends on your insurance policy, but you'll likely be able to get full cost coverage for the repairs. We represent you, NOT the insurance companies.

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