The effects of storm damage.

So, a gnarly storm rolls through, the wind is whipping through the trees and howling like a freight train. You hear what’s sounds like a bunch of roofers hammering shingles into your roof, you’ve got your family in the bathtub with a mattress over the top, your entire yard is covered in a white coating of hail that resembles snow, you step outside to find your car is beat up like someone took a ballpeen hammer to it.

You wonder what condition your roof is in, you frantically walk from room to room checking the ceilings for water spots. It’s a nightmare in real life.

Thankfully, your insurance company has your back. Their sole purpose is to remedy any problems arising from that storm, from wind torn shingles, to hail damage and water damaged sheetrock, or maybe a tree fell, opening a claim will start the process to fixing these problems. Just pay your deductible, and the insurance takes care of the rest of that financial burden.

This is where we come in. -Or any reputable roofing contractor for that matter. Make the call, get an inspection, paired with emergency tarping if necessary. We will help you open a claim, meet the adjuster and point out the problems. From that point, repairs start. The longer you wait, the worse the damage can get. The last thing you want is your children breathing black mold, so make the call as soon as humanly possible.

No one wants to go through this, but Mother Nature doesn’t really care what anyone wants, she can furious and beautiful all at once, with no compassion for anything or anyone…

If you think your home has been affected, call us, email us, text us, whatever is convenient for you. If you already have a contractor on speed dial, we hope they are attentive as we are. Regardless, just get it done.

The team at Aqua Roofing,