Shingles Overview

Roofing Shingles come in all different styles, patterns, and colors... Listed below are a few of the more common types.


3-Tab Strip

The most common shingle choice in the Texarkana area is a solid 3Tab strip shingle approx 36" wide that is split into thirds. Warranties are 20-30 years on average.



The Architectural shingle also ranks very high because of its wood shake dimensional appearance and bold color schemes. Warranties range from 30yrs - Lifetime.



Many designer shingles are available with different patterns & colors. They are also referred to as 'Luxury" shingles because of the look & cost. Lifetime Warranties.

Choosing Your Shingle

We encourage homeowners in the Texarkana area to allow Aqua Roofing the opportunity to help pick out a shingle for your home. As style, color, curb appeal, and ROI counts...