Why Roof Restoration?


  • Extended Life

    Replacement is costly, time-consuming, and environmentally impactful. A coating system stops the aging of an existing roof, which can add years to your roof's service life!

  • Energy Savings

    According to the U.S. Department of Energy, white roofs can cool roof surface temperatures by 70°. Lower your building's interior temperature by as much as 40% and reduce energy use!

  • Less Cost

    With re-roofing, you have to deal with costs for tear-off, new roofing materials, disposal, landfill use, and more. Coatings often cost less to apply, and they can be expensed as maintenance!

  • Leak Prevention

    Our roof coating systems are seamless and fully-adhered. Areas around roof penetrations are completely sealed, leaving no entry points for water infiltration into a 

         Durable Roof Coatings

         Durable Roof Coatings

      Premium Roof Protection

      Premium Roof Protection

   Cool Roof / Reflect UV Rays

   Cool Roof / Reflect UV Rays

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Thinking of replacing your roof? Before you commit to a stressful and costly roof replacement, consider an elastomeric roof coating system from Conklin®. These systems can add years of extended lifespan to your existing roof, making it look and perform like new.

Commonly used to protect flat or low-sloped roofs, elastomeric coatings form a water-resistant barrier over an existing roof. In addition to safeguarding the roof against water, wind and other damage, these systems require reduced maintenance and can significantly reduce energy costs. Contact an Aqua Roofing specialist at (903) 231-5940 to find out more.

A Closer Look at Elastomeric Coating Systems

A liquid-applied system, elastomeric coatings are sprayed on. When dry, the result is a white, seamless membrane which has firmly cohered to the roof’s substrate. This protective layer is strong yet pliable.

In the summer, it expands in the heat of the day and contracts in the coolness of the night. In the winter time, the elastomeric coating maintains its original size. By adapting to shifts in temperature, elastomeric coatings are less susceptible to serious problems such as bubbles, cracks, and buckling.



Estimates for an       Elastomeric Coating... 

If you would like to learn more about our elastomeric coating systems, give us a call. At Aqua Roofing, you can expect top-quality service and exceptional results. Don’t delay! Contact a member of our team to schedule an on-site roofing survey today.

To request a professional roofing survey, please call (903) 231-5940.