Metal Roofing Overview

Metal Roofing come in all different styles, patterns, and colors... Listed below are a few of the more common types.


R-Panel Metal

The most common Metal Roofing panel in the Texarkana area is a solid 36" wide aluminum roofing panel with ribs every       9-12". Color warranties average 40 years.


Standing Seam

This Metal Roof can help you reimagine metal roofing with clean, sleek lines and a minimum of exposed fasteners for a unique aesthetic effect. +Up to a Lifetime Warranty.


Metal Shingles

Many Metal Roofing Shingles are available with different patterns & colors. Their aesthetics and performance are unmatched in the roofing industry. Lifetime Warranty.

Choosing Your Roof

We encourage homeowners in the Texarkana area to allow Aqua Roofing the opportunity to help pick out the roofing for your home. As style, color, curb appeal, and ROI counts...